Solar USA
Solar USA
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USA Solar - Outbound - Must have your own DDV

Client -1 Campaign Name: Solar CPL - Outbound - Minimum 5-10 Agents 

Client: US - Line of Business: B2C

Campaign: USA Solar Cost Per Lead (CPL) 120 seconds Buffer.

Line of Business: B2C

Payout Cycle: Weekly

Payout:  20$

PA - Zip 

MD - Full

VA- Zip

NC - Zip

SC- Zip

FL - Zip

MI - Zip

IL - Full 


Data Requirement: Data must be scrubbed

DDV Provision: NONE, Schedule: TBD


Agent Criteria:

1)  Must have neutral accent.

2)  Must have above average communication skills.

3)  Must have a positive, energetic disposition.

4)  Must sound natural and conversational on the phones.

5)  Experienced Agents Preferred


Qualifying criteria:

Buffer is 120 sec but bear in mind the filters need to be met such as homeowner interested in knowing more about clients Solar more than $100 a month electricity cost and they must not have trees in the way of the sun.

Home owner must be interested in a solar system to get help to lower their electric bill and wanting to see if they are eligible for the no money down programs.

-  under age of 70

-  paying $100+ on electric bill

-  in our coverage state/zip

-  interested in solar Buffer Time: 120 Seconds

Cold calling homeowners across Australia and generating solar appointments and sales for our field representatives to visit the customer’s home.


What is provided

Training will be provided.

Reporting: Weekly feedback reports provided



Hey this is (Agent Name) with the (State Name) state renewable energy initiative.  We are just calling to verify if you were informed and received the information on how to reduce your energy bill?   - Let them answer….

Most likely a no.

So, like I said we’re a part of the (State) funded program to help people save money by switching to renewable energy. (Customer Name) our program can actually save you up to 40% OFF your electric bill, that is if you qualify.  Look (Customer Name) there is no commitment here and the best part is that it’s zero-cost out of pocket if you qualify. That’s no money down AND YOU start saving on your monthly electric bill very quickly.  I just need to ask you a few questions that should only take a minute of your time.  OK?

Go Into Questions on Google Form….

After Questions here is the button up.

(Customer Name), Thanks for taking the time and answering my questions.  OK, so the next step from here is, our verification department is going to call you back in LESS than 2 Mins and BTW that will only take 1 more minute to verify the info you provided to me.  The number that they will be calling you from a 239-phone number. They need to verify your info and send out the confirmation link for the appointment.  OK? (Customer Name), thanks for your time and have a great day!  BYE!


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