Semi Voice Project in Hyderabad
Semi Voice Project in Hyderabad
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Semi Voice - MCA (Merchant Cash Advance)- B2B BUSINESS LOANS - USA

Client offers business funding to US business owners. The agents are responsible for making Inbound calls and generating qualified leads according to the criteria. They are also responsible for making the merchant interested and obtaining the necessary documentation, and filling out the application.

Loan Qualified Criteria for Merchant:

Minimum 1-year-old running a USA-based business.
Every 3 months, there must be a minimum $50K deposit.
Business owners should have online Internet banking login access.
Business Owners should only be citizens of the United States.
Business Owners should have a USA-based business.
Business owners should only have a checking account with a USA-based bank.
Business Owners should not have a bankruptcy, Tax liens, or defaults against the business.
Complete submissions: 1 Page Application form along with latest 3-month business bank statements, Driver License and Business Void Check. Each month Monthly deposit should be $%0K. Australia - Sales team will do the validation then the same Information need to match -if any information found wrong then it will come under Invalid Leads.

Target Core Sectors: Pubs, Restaurants, Convince Stores, Hotels, B&Bs, Dentists, Retailers, MOT Garages, Online Traders, Hairdressers, Beauticians & Other Businesses.

Sectors Client will not fund: Second hand car sales, Finance Companies, Gambling, Travel Agents, Estate Agents, Charities.

Details & Payout:

• Center should have at least 10 agents to start the Project.
• Center should have 7 Hard Core Organic Lead Generators/Data Entry Agents from the Internet.
• Center Should have 3 Chasers for outbound and inbound calling to close the files.
• Lead Generation Agents are responsible for searching leads and doing manual email marketing generating qualified leads.
• 3 Chaser's responsibility needs to verify details and do the chasing for required documents.
• Center needs to follow all the process to close Qualified files/Submissions/Applications
• Chasers should have good communication and writing skills.
• Center can run the process remotely if they can run the process productively.
• Center will get $3 per hour fixed +1% on each 50K funded deal.
• Center Should make Qualified Applications/Submissions to get paid hourly.
• Chasers’ responsibility to close files/Submissions/Applications to get approved business loans to merchants.
• Lead Generation Agents responsibility is to generate leads from all the online platforms, tools, social media platforms, etc. Not from paid tools.
• Payout will be Monthly Online Bank Transfer.
• Center will be working 20/22 days to raise the invoice.
• Center will receive CRM in 3-4 Weeks, official email access from Client.
• Client will provide a daily quality report at the end of each shift.
• Client will provide email id to chasers and 3 phone numbers
• Center will get training from Client with full training material.
• Contract And All Business Communication through email and Phone.
• Center needs to deliver at least a minimum of 2 or a bare minimum of 1 completed Apps from each agent in 8 hours Login which means 10 Qualified Applications/Submissions.
• Centres should have well experienced quality agents with excellent communication.
• One committed team leader and manager with great communication skills is sought.
• To be productive, the centre must be able to sustain 10 agents without fail.
• Center cannot raise an invoice for Zero productivity/ Zero submissions/Applications.
• Center Should able to maintain 10 agents for 8 hours without fail Mon-Day Friday.
• Center cannot take sudden leaves.
• All the team members should have good writing skills and Chasers should have good communication.
• Client will be involved in hiring 10 agents’ team. Chasers will have a mock test to select the candidates.
• Center cannot hire freshers for the process. 7 Agents must have strong exp in lead organic generation.
• 3 Chasers should have strong communication with good writing skills exp in hardcore outbound/inbound b2b sales required.
• Center has to follow all the required process to close the files to be successful and generate revenue to travel long way.

Refundable Consulting Charges will be refunded 50% after successfully 6 months then remaining 50% after 11 months. Consulting fee should pay 100% no adjustments in billing. After payment we will give 2-3 weeks’ time to start the campaign. Center Should be able to pay token advance to lock the slot if they want to run the campaign.

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