MCA Outbound
MCA Outbound
Wolfrax BPO services encompass a wide range of critical functions such as customer support, technical support, data entry, back-office operations, finance and accounting, human resources, and more.

Module 1

MCA - Merchant Cash Advance USA - Payment Biweekly .

B2B Business Loans to Small Scale Industries - Outbound.

Center must have own tools DDV (Data/Leads, Dialer, VoIP )  

Commission: Rev Share 

Client is Banking and Finance which offers business funding to US business owners. The agents are responsible for making outbound calls and generating qualified leads according to the criteria. They are also responsible for making the merchant interested and obtaining the necessary documentation, and filling out the application.

Qualified Criteria:

Ø Minimum 1-year-old running a USA-based business.

Ø Every 3 months, there must be a minimum $30K deposit.

Ø Business owners should have online Internet banking login access.

Ø Business Owners should only be citizens of the United States.

Ø Business Owners should have a USA-based business.

Ø Business owners should only have a checking account with a USA-based bank.

Ø Business Owners should not have a bankruptcy, Tax liens, or defaults against the business.

Target Core Sectors: Pubs, Restaurants, Convince Stores, Hotels, B&Bs, Dentists, Retailers, MOT Garages, Online Traders, Hairdressers, Beauticians & Other Businesses.

Sectors Client will not fund: Secondhand car sales, Finance Companies, Gambling, Travel Agents, Estate Agents, Charities.


Complete Submission:

1 Page Application form, Latest 4-month Business Bank Statements, Driver's license and Business Voided Check for funding Loan.

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