Australia Solar & Energy
Australia Solar & Energy
Wolfrax BPO services encompass a wide range of critical functions such as customer support, technical support, data entry, back-office operations, finance and accounting, human resources, and more.

NOTE:  Center Must Have Their Own DDV ( Data, Dialer & VoIP ).

Australia Solar & Energy - Appointment Setting/Lead Generation.
Locations to dial:  Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Western Australia.

Minimum 5 Agents Required.


What is provided

Reporting: Weekly feedback reports provided

Invoicing: Payments are made weekly via bank & Western Union transfer.


Commission structure is based on verbally confirmed and qualified solar appointments. Appointments are verbally confirmed on the day of the appointment.

Confirmed appointments per week Resident & Business Appointment Telephonic Confirmed (Vic) Fresh & Upgrade Customer 125 KW from CBD

$25.00 AUD per appointment (Weekly). 

Western Australia $20.00 AUD Per Physical Appointment & Sale $30 AUD (Payment Weekly).

Confirmed appointments per week Resident & Business Appointment (NSW) Fresh & (over 5 years 6 kw under NSW Upgrade Customer Telephonic Confirmed only post codes we provide). $20.00 AUD per appointment (Weekly).

Confirmed appointments per week Business (Vic) Fresh & Upgrade Customer (Physical Visit). $25.00 AUD per appointment & $40.00 AUD Sale kick back Business & resident (Weekly). 

Confirmed appointments Live Transfer Sale Business or Resident (Vic, Nsw, Qld Anywhere Only Wa selected Post Codes) B2B Fresh & Upgrade Customer. (Weekly)      

Hot Water Business is $30 AUD & Resident Solar Sale is $40 (Weekly).      


Cold calling homeowners across Australia and generating solar appointments for our field representatives to visit the customer’s home.

Bonus Commission Structure - Sales

If the Center will make 25 Sales They'll get $1500 AUD at the end of Month.
If the Center will make 20 Sales They'll get $1000 AUD at the end of Month.

Energy Sales - Script: Hello,


I am calling from Clean Energy Council (Not selling anything).

The reason for my call is because we have solar advisors in your area showing homeowners how they can eliminate their power bills by up to 90% and in some cases eliminate their bill.

The government incentive will pay for up to $4000 to offset the solar system cost and as we can offer no upfront cost solar installation to reducing your bill by up to 90%.

This is a no obligation assessment on how solar can eliminate your power bill.

That’s right ELIMINATE your electricity bills – This is a no obligation quote on solar power.

I believe you must have received a notification letter that the prices of electricity will continue to increase from this month and throughout the year?

How much do you spend every 2-3 months on you power bills? (You must have an approximate amount of what their bills cost)

So, to help you ease out the cost rise burden, the Government has solar rebates which assist homeowners with installing Solar Panels on their roof so that you can generate their own electricity.

Because your bills are quite high and over $200 per bi-month, you qualify for rebates, as long as you are not moving or selling, within the next 5 years and you have the roof space. The rebates are up to $4000 for residential household towards the cost off a new solar system.

Qualifying Criteria

Mr./Ms. before I confirm Solar Advisor visit, I need to ask you few quick questions:

1. Are you the homeowner? (Must be a homeowner)

2. Do you have solar panels on your roof top? (Must NOT HAVE panels)

3. What is your age? (If customer is reluctant to tell the age then ask “Do you fall under the age group of 25-66 years) (Must not be older than 68 years of age)

4. How much is your energy bill every month or every 3 months? (Must be a minimum of $250

-$300.00 or more every 3 months)

Mr./ are eligible for govt. rebate and free assessment.

Schedule Appointment

So we have a representative around the corner from you tomorrow – Do you prefer a time tomorrow?

(Within 48 hours)

Great let’s lock that in for you!

Please note that you will receive a call from our reminder team 1 day before we come out to see you.

Capture details from the customer:

1. First and Last Name

2. Complete Address (Check on google maps)

3. Mobile Number

Just to quickly summarize, you are willing avail the benefit of rebate and consider having the solar panels. Your appointment is scheduled for [day...] ... [Date] between 4.00 to 5.00 p.m. [one-

Thank you very much and I am done - Do you have any questions for me?

I appreciate your time and thank you for your contribution towards a Healthy Green Environment.

Energy Sales Commision
Energy NameEnergy Name
BlurNGR: $70 (6-7 Weeks)Alinta: Single Fuel $40 (6th Week) Dual Fuel $50 (6th Week)
Alinta: $40 (6th Week)Energy Australia Single Fuel $30(15 Days) Dual Fuel: $45 (15 Days)
Energy Australia: $10 (15 Days)Tango: Single Fuel $30 (15 Days) Dual Fuel $45(15 Days)
Energy Local: $40 (15 Days)Energy Local: Single Fuel $30(15 Days) Dual Fuel $45 (15 Days)

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Email: | Tel +91 955 015 3271 ( Mon - Fri 8 am to 5 pm IST only )