AC Australia Outbound Campaign
AC Australia Outbound Campaign
Wolfrax BPO services encompass a wide range of critical functions such as customer support, technical support, data entry, back-office operations, finance and accounting, human resources, and more.

AC Outbound Campaign Victoria Only

10$ AUD Appointment/Sale

Center Must have Own DDV Minimum 5 Agents Payments Weekly

Center is who has experience on Australia Solar can dial the Campaign

Campaigns can't be explained in meetings and calls. Only experienced Centers only.
Conditions cannot be negotiated in any directions

Tel +91 955 015 327 | Email | | Whatsapp | Skype: live:.cid.5697a649cd017b75 

Mobile App Development

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Web Design And Development

"Let Wolfrax turn your digital dreams into captivating reality. With cutting-edge web design and development, we craft bespoke solutions to elevate your brand. Partner with us for innovative online experiences tailored to your unique goals." India Tel +91 955 015 327 | EmailWhatsapp | Skype: live:.cid.5697a649cd017b75 

Call Center Data Provider

"Empower your call center with our data services. We streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and elevate customer experiences. Partner with us for seamless data solutions tailored to your call center needs." Email | | Whatsapp | Skype: live:.cid.5697a649cd017b75