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Why Information Security?


Information Security is a strategy comprised of processes and policies which are designed and implemented to prevent, detect, counter and document threats to digital and non-digital information. Information Security ensures CIA (Confidentiality Integrity and Availability) of an Information.


Information security performs four important functions for an organization:

Protects the Organization’s ability to function.

Enables the safe operation of applications implemented on the Organization’s IT systems.

Protects the data that an Organization collects and uses.

Safeguards the technology assets in use at the Organization.


































Penetration Testing



The primary goal of a penetration test is to determine whether a mature security posture can withstand an intrusion attempt from an advanced attacker with a specific goal.

§Penetration Testing simulates the actions of an external/internal attacker that aims to breach the Information Security of an Organization.

§Penetration Test is aimed to exploit the Systems and gain access to sensitive information.

The penetration testing will include social engineering and dumpster diving as well.

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Who are we?



QEZLA is a reliable Information Security services provider with responsive, cost effective and delivers high quality.

•Our team consists of certified and highly experienced Security Consultants, Engineers and Analysts.

•We provide dedicated professional and customized Information Security services.

•Our primary goal is to protect our Clients from any kind of breach.